Got Game?

I hope you had a great weekend. Perhaps many of you spent your weekends idling on the couch watching football, or maybe cheering on the sidelines observing sports. But, how many of you got your own competitive juices flowing?

The Find wants to (once again) kick you out of your comfort zone of passivity. For this week’s activity, we Find ourselves once again in Brooklyn and playing games of our own!

Brooklyn Strategist

Imagine a place where you can wear a wizard cape and not feel out of place. How about seeing a group of people who seemingly have nothing in common except a pile of 20+ sided dice? Welcome to The Brooklyn Strategist! Bring friends plus a bottle of wine, and get ready to play any board game ever invented. They literally have thousands of very cool games in stock (forget Monopoly) and they will teach you how to play, if not too busy. There is a $10 per person cover (for 4 hours of play) and the quirky fun is well worth the price of admission. If you find a game you love, you can purchase it here as well. This is all about face to face interactive games (remember those), thankfully no x-box here. At night time, it is filled with friends/dates/strangers sharing drinks and a passion for strategic gaming; during the day families learn the art of how to entertain themselves the old fashioned way.

The Bell House


Your next stop is The Bell House in Gowanus. They have a variety of interesitng programming generally centered around humor. We attended a taping of Ask Me Another!  where you can either participate (you must sign up) or watch as contestants from the audience compete for trivial prizes. The questions are off the wall, the hosts hilarious, and the contestants are often funnier.

Look on the Bell House calendar to see what shows are on tap, and head there to be entertained!



You next stop is dinner at the incomparable Brucie. The vibe is very cool, laid back, and the food (simple farm to table Italian) is excellent. They are known for their chicken parm which is served whole (I prefer to think of it as 4D) and is incredible! Sounds bizarre, but order the bread and butter, it just may be the best bread I ever had.

Brucie only takes reservations for 6 or more. Run, it’s great.

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain


If you are not stuffed and saved room for dessert, don’t be a “jerk” and hit Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain. It has a riddiculous menu of sundaes, eggcreams and baked goods that are actually as good as they sound. With a vintage soda shop feel, coverted from a 1920’s pharmacy, it’s simply cool. Order the Mr. Potato Head, it’s insane! If you don’t make it here on this adventurous night, still go another time … on a date, with the kids, or whenever.  I’ll definitely be back for more.

After expanding your brain with strategy games, your diaphragm with laughter, and your stomach with exceptional food — consider Brooklyn Strategist, Brucie’s, The Bell House, and Brooklyn Farmacy Found!