Everyone has Baggage, what’s yours?


In my opinion, the Three Little Pigs is a parable about the value of hard work. However, ‘modern’ psychiatrists might interpret it is as a tale of three different children, each with their own needs and capabilities, being cast out by unsympathetic parents into a cruel world!

I digress, but ultimately everyone has different (travel) preferences. While we all agree that we neither want to wait for bags at baggage claim, nor pay baggage fees, we all want our bags to be functional and reflect our style.

Therefore I am introducing 3 traveler archetypes: stylish, practical, and paranoid!

Stylish: Lets build a straw house!
Woolrich Classic Duffel Link


I always had the sense that the pig that built the straw house was the younger brother; he was spoiled by his parents, didn’t have a care in the world, wanted to look stylish, and merely threw his bag in the hotel room so he could go out and party. If this description hits close to home, the Classic Duffel is for you!

The Classic Duffel is a collaboration between Topo Designs (think rugged outdoor gear designer) and Woolrich (think classic American woolen goods since 1830). The duffel is stylish and practical. You can quickly throw your belongings in, run to the airport in style, and leave with the bellman or throw in your room so you can enjoy your destination!
Practical: Let’s Build a Wood House!
Rise Gear Link


When I think of the pig that built the wooden house, I think of the middle brother, smushed between his straight laced older brother and irresponsible younger brother. He is torn between establishing his own identity and being practical/responsible. This personality wants to unpack his bag when he arrives at his destination, but also wants to go out and explore. Does this sound like you?

This is the bag where you only have to pack once. Go to your room, unzip, and hang it up — all your stuff is right there to see, on collapsible shelves. Check out all the versions of the Rise Gear bags because they are nothing if not practical, especially for the person who hates to unpack!

Paranoid: Lets Build a Brick House!
Thermal Strike Link

When I think of the pig that built the brick house, I think of the eldest brother. He’s responsible and always errs on the side of safety and preparedness. Perhaps, he’s a little neurotic, but better safe than sorry. Is this you (it’s ok, you can admit it)?

As almost everyone knows, bedbugs are everywhere (yuck) and especially prevalent with travel (airplanes and hotels are notorious for them). In order to prevent bedbugs you need extreme heat, temperatures above 118°F. ThermalStrike Luggage has the heating system built into your travel bag. All you need to do is plug it in (TSA and FAA compliant) when you get home.

Safe travels, Happy Thanksgiving and consider these bags Found!