A Pact from Heaven!

Our Pact:
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Reassert (some of) your authority over your children with Our Pact. You remember when you gave them their first Apple (or other) device because you couldn’t think of a good birthday present when they turned 10, 9, 8 … Then that sweet, luddite child turned into a less sweet, technology savvy teenager. In their minds, they can do homework while Facetiming; they can read a book while checking Instagram; they can study for a test while Snap Chatting; and, they can (and will) stay up late binging on Netflix.

No more! This app, when downloaded to your phone and your child’s, is the ultimate Parental Control device. It allows you to schedule, to grant, and to block access to apps and web access. It controls your child’s devices with full authority.

No more requiring your kids to turn in their phones after school, during homework, or at bedtime. They’ll simply be off.

No more annoying daily confrontations.

No more thinking about it!

Consider Our Pact Found!

P.S. As an aside, make sure you follow the directions to download the additional app so that your child’s applications are not reorganized each time (this is critical!)

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