Shuffleboard is back!


The Royal Palms Brooklyn:

514 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

This week’s Find is the long forgotten sport (leisure activity) of shuffleboard where you can compete with your friends by using your Tang (stick) to push your biscuits (clay discs) into position. Head to Royal Palms in Gowanus for a night you won’t forget. It compares favorably to bowling for the mere fact that you can wear your own shoes!

If you have memories, like me, of playing shuffleboard at your grandparents’ ‘community’ in Florida, now you can relive those memories without traveling to Florida, without seeing the family, without the blazing sun, and with plenty of alcohol at the Royal Palms.

Bring your crew, or a date, and get ready for some friendly competition. There are plenty of courts (10), great music, oversized board games, and a lively bar with a kitschy aesthetic of flamingos, palm trees and umbrellas in your drinks. Best to go Wednesday and Thursdays as Mondays and Tuesdays are league nights and weekends can get very busy; however, groups of 10 or more can reserve a cabana in advance to avoid any waits.

A perfectly acceptable option is to dine and dessert here. There’s always a food truck (and who doesn’t love a food truck) parked inside (Snow Day, Papaya King, etc.). Right next door, is Brooklyn’s famous Ample Hills Creamery with delicious flavors including Salted Crack Caramel and Peperment Pattie.

If you are feeling more adventurous, like me, you won’t want to miss some other places in the ‘hood.

Lucali’s Pizza:

575 Henry St, New York, NY 11231

Lucali’s pizza is the perfect pizza and pairing for playing shuffleboard. No reservations, BYOB, and no matter who you are, you wait (even Beyonce and Jay blew off the Grammy’s for a night here), but it’s worth it. Due to the poularity and lack of reservations, do not go with more than 8 people. They start taking names at 5:30 — go yourself or send someone for you, and they’ll call your cell phone when they’re ready for you; while you wait head over to The Zombie Hut (below)

When its time to order, those in the know come for the pizza and stay for the calzone. The calzone is a must, as it is cooked to crispy dough perfection, and includes 4 varieties of cheese. As for pizza, I also particulary enjoyed the mushroom & shallot pizza, as well as the pepperoni & spicy pepper.

The Zombie Hut:

273 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

This tropical theme tiki bar feels like you’ve been washed ashore in Gilligan’s Island or Fantasy Island. The Polynesian masks, bamboo walls, great music, goodlooking crowd, and outdoor space galore make this a fun choice for groups. Order the famous Frozen Zombie, a Spicy Cucarita, a simple Mai Tai or The Scorpion Bowl (= 4 drinks in one) for your group to share!

My parting words, don’t send a dead biscuit to the kitchen (you’ll know what this means soon) and post your pictures from the night to Facebook and Instagram and tag thefindsite!

Consider Royal Palms, Lucali’s Pizza, and the Zombie Hut Found!