Tens – Changing the way you see the world

Do you want to see life through rose tinted glasses? This week’s Find will change your outlook on life!

tens 1 copy.jpg

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Do you find yourself using Instagram filters on your pictures before you post them? Why not wear that perfect Instagram filter in real life all the time?

Meet Tens sunglasses. These shades bring the perfect Instagram filter to the real world. The Founders are three hipster photographers who spent years creating the “perfect, sense-heightening tint,” and a way to make your day look ten times better!  Trust me, you will walk around and feel like you are a celebrity living in a different and more beautiful world (a la photo shop) from everyone else. You will find yourself smiling more, having a spring to your step, and rocking some serious mojo.

The unisex frames are super cool, 100% UV protectant, and scratch resistant. I already own two stylish pairs because why see the world like everybody else and … you can never own too many sunglasses.

Enjoy wearing your Tens and consider it Found!