What is Priceless?

We now know (basically) what Priceless means (we've seen the Mastercard commercials). I assume almost everyone has wondered what the Mona Lisa would sell for (the very definition of priceless) while walking in the Louvre. Well, we now (may) know, as Leonardo's DaVinci's Salvator Mundi sold a couple of week's ago for $450 million dollars. Priceless. Sure there were some authenticity and restoration issues, but the subject of Jesus may have balanced the scales (no offense Mona!). Now, if you aim to be the next great collector and potentially own masterpieces (or have your descendants), then you need to head down to Art Basel Miami and get started looking for those diamonds in the rough or the next DaVinci! 

Being an Art Fair "VIP" - Priceless!

I remember my first Art Basel Miami. The year was 2001, and they actually canceled the main fair in the wake of the terrorist events of 9/11. That year there was still a constellation of art events that were authentic and cool. As the years progressed, the event became bigger and bigger. Whereas a VIP pass used to be hard to come by (only the "best" collectors), they now seem to be ubiquitous. It appears that the whole (art) world converges on Miami in early December. Just like Soho and Chelsea, of course, real estate, hotels, and restaurants followed closely behind. Sure there are more contributors to the Miami renaissance, but art seems always to lead. This season there will be plenty of new restaurant outposts of great restaurants popping up in Miami just in time for Art Basel!

Hometown Favorite Restaurants in Miami - Priceless!


While art is the main attraction of Basel Miami, good food is essential (and priceless) to keep your energy up for the fairs and the parties. What's new and hot this season are food transports from other destinations, which is indicative of Miami's growing presence as a global national and international city. Start your day with a jolt of Blue Bottle Coffee straight outta Oakland, CA which opened in the Design District with great aplomb! Known on the West Coast as leaders of the third wave coffee movement, here you can find artisanal coffee and pastries. Also in the Design District, the pizza mecca of Bushwick, ROBERTA'S has opened a pop-up food stand in Jungle Plaza with their greatest hits, a la the Bee Sting and the Original. Next, as a Penn alum, I'm proud to say that the first outpost outside of Philly of Federal Donuts is in ... Wynwood, Miami! Here you can find donuts and fried chicken that are worth the carbs and the calories. By the same owners of Fednuts (for those in the know) and Zahav (the #1 rated restaurant in Philly) comes Dizengoffspecializing in ...  hummus! Casual and quick, grab the best middle eastern food outside of Tel Aviv! Undeniably, New Yorkers know the best Thai food is Sripraphi in Woodside, Queens. It's 2nd location, called Chana Thai Kitchen opened in Miami ... this may be easier to get to for some Ny'ers I know. Last but not least, in the new Four Seasons Surf Club, hailing from the Amalfi Coast opened Le Sirenuse. With a big reputation to live up to, Michelin stars and all, this outpost offers Mediterranean flavors and Italian specialties surrounded by palm trees and vintage Miami elegance! Check it out, if not for dinner than for a champagne cocktail in the iconic bar!  Psst ... Malibu Farm (you heard it) is opening soon at the Eden Roc (still waiting for city permits, c'mon) before famed chef Helene Henderson can offer her famous and adored Californian farm-to-table cuisine in the Magic City.  If you just can't wait for the real opening, you can get a sneak peak of what's to come at Eden Roc's pool restaurant Splash by Malibu Farm. For more restaurants, the tried and true, email me, and I'll share my staples! 

Looking good and blocking the Miami Sun - Priceless!

Sunski Glasses

A great pair of sunglasses is priceless, especially in Miami. What makes them priceless you may ask, they are super comfy with polarized lenses, have flexible frames that don't slip, offer a lifetime warranty, and have great style. What more could you want  --- affordable? Oh, and they're that too! Their motto is to live life outdoors; I agree as long as it is reasonably warm outside. Thanks to fellow Louper Evan L. for this find!

Getting your collection in Order - Priceless!

App, Website

After you have bought your masterpiece, you need the right way to catalog. If you have a serious collection (one that has value to third parties), you need a serious database. I am not talking about a pen & paper list, or even an excel spreadsheet; I am referring to the real, purpose-built database program. If you have a valuable collection of antiquities, art, cars, coins, jewelry, and really anything of substantial value, then this is a solution for you. Collectrium was bought by Christie's in 2015, and they have one of the best products on the market. You can catalog what you have, document invoices, related expenses, insurance, and much more. The app and website have so much more to offer than merely an inventory system; this makes you a better collector. On the homepage, you can access news and auction results based on your collection. You can even see upcoming auction items for your collection, in the event you have the buying bug! So, this is when you cross over to a collector from a hoarder, and you know my motto, don't be a hoarder!

If you can't make it to Miami, and you happen to live in NYC (or perhaps may visit this fall/winter), consider an art day in your backyard. Don't miss the uber-popular Kusama Festival of Life show (be prepared to wait 2-4 hours for 60 seconds of selfies with the infinity mirrors) at David Zwirner, the Laura Owens Mid-career Retrospective at the Whitney, the Modigliani Unmasked show at the Jewish Museum, the David Hockney exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum or the AiWeiWei "Good Fences make Good Neighbors" public art exhibition all over NY. That's it for your culture 411 ... now get out there! 

It's good to finally know what Priceless means, and consider Miami's food & beverage transplants, Sunski shades, and Collectrium Found!