Better to Give...

I think we all can agree that it is better to give than to receive (most of the time). Is there anything better than choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, or giving something special to someone unexpectedly. It is incredible to find that absolute thing that demonstrates how well you know that person, and how you uniquely understand their needs and wants. The idea just warms the heart! However, there is one major problem ... what the hell are you going to get them? It seems obvious that it is better to give, but in practice, it is really tough to be thoughtful. Consider the fact that you have been buying them gifts for their entire life or many, many years/decades. In this week's Loupe, we explore some options.

A Gift to Everyone


Is there anything more irritating than seeing litter on the ground? How about seeing the perpetrator carelessly or deliberately put it there. Unfortunately, the reality is there is no shortage in New York City of litter. That is why everyone needs to pitch in. This neat little app started with a big idea that we should crowdsource litter clean up. If everyone did their share, the world would be much cleaner and more pleasant. Here is the TED talk by founder Jeff Kirschner where he describes his inspiration and goal. This app allows you to photograph your good deed. Did you know that Plastic and Cigarettes are the most commonly tagged items; maybe there is a way for these companies to pay for their consumers' bad habits! Thanks, Louper Seth R. for this amazing app and gesture! Let's do our part to protect this planet --- this is the best gift you can give (and I mean it). 

A Gift for You and Everyone

Sock Problems

I love socks. I also love great causes. Sock Problems has combined the two! You choose the cause that interests you, or you can simply pick the socks that you like the most. Twenty-five to fifty percent of the purchase price goes to the cause, and then socks arrive at your door in cute packaging. These are the perfect socking stuffers! Their motto is ... Those who care, wear. Those who wear, share. So, thank you fellow Louper Holly Z. for caring and sharing!

Gift Guide

If giving back isn't sufficient for you (or your loved ones) and you need a (tangible) gift here are some great ideas from the Loupe backlog. Remember, these can always be easily found in the app or on the website.

For the Foodie:
Jack's Wife Freda Cookbook - If you are a NY foodie, or simply on Instagram, you've heard of Jack's Wife Freda. Notorious for their long lines on Lafayette and Carmine, especially for Saturday and Sunday brunch, now you don't have to wait any longer. They just released their cookbook, and their recipes define homey ... so why not make them at home?

For the Techie:
Pivothead Glass - These glasses make a great gift ($199), but more importantly, they represent the next stage in the evolution of capturing video (and stills). Rather than using a video camera, or even your phone, all you have to do is put your comfortable glasses on and press Record.

For the Homebody:
Indigo & HazeTub Tea Bags
Indigo & Haze is a lifestyle brand focused on Cannabidiol (CBD) products. I particularly love the Tub Tea, where you can immerse yourself in a soothing bath of hemp flowers, rose hip, and clove oil. Some think the hemp flowers (CBD) have anti-inflammatory and calming properties, either way, they smell great and enhance the bathing experience.

For the Adventurer: 
Koraluc Surf Backpack

This is an easy way to transport your boards (surf, snow, or wake) making hitting the slopes or the beach much easier. As we head into a vacation, consider this backpack that has room for a laptop, towels, wetsuits, dry clothes, and whatever you may need for your surf or snowboard adventure. 

Remember, it is better to give as long as you have something to give and consider Litterati and Sock Problems Found!