My Calling!

A few weeks ago I was walking by Shake Shack on the Upper West Side (en route to Gari, of course) and saw a family in distress. They were from out of town (father wearing a Bears hat), map in hand, with two young kids. They couldn't bear to wait in line and hope to get seats for a Shack burger. Feeling their pain, I asked them how I could help; they asked me where they could go, other than Penn Station (near their train home) for a meal. I consider Penn Station and its concessions one of the least welcoming ports of entry in Manhattan and can't believe that millions of travelers have to suffer that indignity. I whipped out my Loupe app (download here, hurry!), held down Places on the main page, and directed them to White Gold Butchers. There they could get a high-end Chopped Cheese (more on that later) and gourmet hot dogs that would satisfy the kids and be a better solution to their needs. The power of the app is contributing content to help people find what they are looking for, or what they didn't know they needed. That is my aspiration for the Loupe and hopefully, you will join me in this quest. I hope that wherever you go on these holidays, whether you are in your hometown or far away, that you document and discover the truly amazing places and things that will add value to your friends. Have a great holiday, and I look forward to hearing about your finds and sharing mine with you! This week's Loupe has a few things that will make your vacation more enjoyable!

Travel like a pro!


Let's be honest, almost everyone has TSA Pre. So much so, that often the line is longer in TSA Pre than in the regular security check. To maximize our downtime in the airport (so we can get to binge-watching the shows we have downloaded) we need to get through airport security quickly and efficiently. Clear is the solution. It was acquired out of bankruptcy by Louper Caryn S. who was (still is) a frequent traveler and recognized the (clear) need for rapidly getting through airport security. While TSA Pre was a step in the right direction, Clear goes even further, especially if you are a frequent traveler. Sign up online, and then go to an airport to efficiently complete the registration. You can add additional family members for $50 each after the initial annual fee of $179. It is currently operational in 22 airports, as well broadening the reach to other venues, such as baseball stadiums (can you say Yankees). Soon you will be breezing through the airport, or another venue, while the trusted travelers will be left in your dust. The network of places that accept this form of ID is growing rapidly, and who wants to be the shnook waiting in line.

Share your happiness!

Capture Flow, Mighty Speaker

Everyone needs a speaker. Sometimes, though infrequently, you may want to share your music (or Podcast) with others, perhaps when on the beach, on a tour bus, or some other communal scenario. In those rare cases, you need to be prepared with a speaker. The speaker must be small and stylish, as well as charged and ready to go. The Mighty speaker is about the size of a Mentos Box, and is very stylish and sounds great. Thanks, fellow Louper Chris M. for this great Find!

Alter your perception of the world!

WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us by Tim O'Reiley

This book covers so much ground that it will require a re-read with a highlighter! The starting proposition and philosophy is to give more than you get. This will propel society and the human condition forward. The optimism O'Reiley shares is both encouraging and contagious. He then delves into insights both general and specific that will change your view of the world and what is to come. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the future ... which should be, umm, everyone.


Have a great vacation, and make sure you remember to answer the call of someone in need (even when you don't know it) by posting (only the Noteworthy) to the Loupe, and consider ClearCapture Flow Mighty, and WTF  Found!