Toast to You!

As 2017 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to toast you. Together, we have explored the new in a search for what is authentic and uniquely distinctive. Hopefully, I have pushed you out of your complacency zone. Many of you have driven me to do and try many things, for which I am grateful. In 2018, I will continue my quest to keep you in the Loupe, and in turn, and I hope you will join me and contribute.

I am writing this from New Zealand where my family and I are experiencing some incredible Finds. If you are interested, you may see them in the app (download here if you haven't yet). I am sure there will be a Newsletter in my future on this subject. Either way, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and an adventurous 2018! 

Chice Toast!

Veuve Clicquot Rich and Moet Ice Imperial

What is more synonymous with New Year's Eve than Champagne? This apparently has been a tradition for over 1,500 years. But why limit your consumption of the bubbly to New Year's Eve and special occasions? Why not drink this any night you want to celebrate, or just have fun.

Those who know me, know that when others are ordering 1942 on the rocks, or a glass of Macallan, I've been known to ask for a "Chice." You may ask, what is "Chice?" Very simply, it's my made-up term for Champagne on ice. More than a few bartenders turned their nose up at the idea of diluting their Champagne with ice. Ironically, I learned that Champagne giants Veuve Cliquot and Moet and Chandon share my vision (and low brow tastes!) and developed Champagne specifically designed to be served on ice! Apparently, denizens of Saint Tropez and Ibiza call it Piscine, and I am not so crazy after all!

Cheers to another great year! I will toast you from Queenstown with a Chice, and consider VC Rich and Moet Ice Imperial Found! Drink up!