Earth Year!

I have mixed emotions about (certain) "special days." In fact, I don't even particularly care about my birthday. This year, I was planning on meeting my wife for a quiet lunch. For some reason when I booked the reservation on OpenTable I checked 'Birthday' for Special Occasion; I have never, ever, done that before! Unfortunately, my wife couldn't make it, and I enjoyed the meal alone, perfectly fine. I asked for the check, and all of a sudden the waitress brought out a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a lit candle. I couldn't blow it out quickly enough. I knew people in the restaurant, and the foursome sitting next to me (who I didn't know) was thinking, "So sad!" It certainly was memorable! I should have considered the Moomin House Cafe where the staff will place a large stuffed doll at your table for diners dining alone! 

Then there are all the other holidays, many of which are of Hallmark's imagination. Nonetheless, Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day. It was established 48 years ago by then-President Richard Nixon on the occasion of National Protests against industrialization, as well as the creation of the EPA. While it is a great holiday, I think it is something that needs to be observed every day (like my birthday!). Everyone needs to do their part, and this is a great time to initiate better habits for you (and the environment) in the upcoming year.

Litter Eradication


The goal of Litterati is to eradicate litter. The method is through crowdsourcing data collection by citizen scientists (like yourself) to identify the problem (scope and scale) and find solutions. I learned about this organization through fellow Louper Seth R., and I have not only joined the Litterati, but I am also advising them on achieving their goals. Ultimately, their goals are (or should be) everyone's goals! It certainly meets my agenda of finding the new and authentic. If you are interested in learning more, please email me directly!

Compost Post

Zera Food Recycler

We all order too much food. The result is we either eat too much or waste too much. To combat this, consider composting, as it can prevent waste AND reduce the guilt! Instead of using your InSinkErator or throwing out, you can create a rich soil for your garden (sorry most city dwellers). It is incredibly intimidating for most the idea of keeping rotting food around until it disintegrates enough to use as fertilizer. However, W Labs has (mostly) solved this issue by making a slick looking container that keeps the smells in, is easy to clean, and accelerates the composting process.

So, lesson learned, be careful before you mark "Special Occasion" on a reservation on Open Table! Please make sure you celebrate the Earth every day, and consider Litterati and Zera Found!