Last week, David Copperfield was forced to reveal the "magic" behind his famed illusion that he performs at the end of every show where he makes 13 audience members disappear. Apparently, a selected audience member was injured, and the case has gone to trial. Guess who else was made to disappear??? Me! The setting was my family's first road trip (circa 2012), and we were driving from Phoenix to San Diego. Along the way, we stopped in Las Vegas for good ol' fashioned fun, and amongst other things, we went to the David Copperfield magic show. At the end of the show, I was selected to go up on stage and made disappear. I wasn't surprised when my kids were amazed. I was, however, surprised when my wife was amazed! The next morning while driving to LA, I overheard Meredith on the phone repeating the story of my disappearance to her friend. I had told the kids (and apparently her) that I think David Copperfield may have used a mild sedative because at one moment I was on the stage and the next I was elsewhere, having no clue how it occurred. Of course, I was embellishing for the kids and following my end of the bargain by keeping the magic tricks secret in exchange for an autographed picture of David Copperfield! What I learned then and there was, I guess my wife believes in magic! In this week's Loupe, we explore some magical things!

Magic Tent

Shoal Tent

Camping is a great activity that city folk (like my kids and me) are mostly unaccustomed to. The first issue is finding the time. The second issue is finding the wilderness. The third issue is knowing what to do when there. The geniuses at Smithfly have come up with a magical solution ... a raft that is also a tent. The entire thing blows up, so you don't have to mess with mats, poles, etc. Simply find a pond or lake (possibly a waterway without a waterfall), and anchor yourself for the ultra waterbed camping experience! 

Magic Meal

Health, Home

I have been a smoothie lover for some time. I love to run over to Juice Press for a freshly made concoction. I acknowledge that sometimes I am lazy and have ordered pre-made smoothies from Daily Harvest to save some time in the morning. However, what I have realized is that doesn't save time because you still need to clean the blender when finished. Blix has magically changed that with their soon-to-be-released smoothie system. It comes from the founder of SodaStream (which I also love), and it is awesome. They will begin deliveries in July, and it only costs $99 ($50 dollar savings when you pre-order), and you get a 6-cup starter pack ... sooooooo, it is virtually free. They just made the individual cups available April 24th, so you can try them in your blender before you commit to the system. The machine doesn't require cleaning, doesn't make a ton of noise, and knows just how long and how hard to mix, based on the contents. It is indeed next gen of smoothies!

Magically Disappearing Coin!

Sushi Noz
181 East 78th St, New York, NY 10075

I love good sushi, and I don't mind spending (a lot) of money on it. Maybe that is why a gaggle of sushi restaurants appeared within a half-mile radius of where I live. There is Tanoshi, Sasabune, Sushi of Gari, Sushi Ishikawa, and Kappa Masa to name a few; It is a virtual Sharknado of mercury poisoning around the UES! Lo and behold, just in time for the final installment of Sharknado (6!), there is a newcomer called Sushi Noz that is even more expensive than the rest! It is Omakase only, and you must pre-pay $300 before you order sparkling water! When you arrive, you feel like you have been transported to Japan; as the entire restaurant was built in Kyoto and shipped here in the Sukiya stye of architecture. You are greeted by two women dressed in traditional kimonos who bring you to an intimate sushi bar, constructed of 200-year old hinoki wood.  There you are given a copy of the daily Omakase menu which seems long. Chef Noz arrives and greets guests with a bow. Then he begins to cut outrageously delicious fish. He prepares this Omakase for all eight seated at the bar. The result is a 2.5-hour meal. I would say that this is clearly not for everyone, but if you love sushi (me) and don't mind the time (not really me) then this spot is a not-to-be-missed sushi experience! Magically, your money and time disappear!

Magic is the essence of childhood; circumstances where you don't know how, or why, and don't care. Nonetheless, we can find magic in our adulthood and consider the Shoal TentBlix smoothies, and Sushi Noz Found!