Do you Believe in Magic?

Our first family road trip was 2010, armed with a carload of 6, we headed out West. We flew to Phoenix (stopped along the way at old mining towns) stayed in Sedona (climbed the red rocks), went to the Grand Canyon, stayed at Amangiri (best hotel ever), then up to Las Vegas and around to Los Angeles, ending in San Diego. It was an epic trip with lots of memories. As such, we continued the family road trip tradition long after the success of this first one.

I will never forget when we drove up to Las Vegas in the evening. There was a glow that could be seen from miles away. We had planned a variety of activities, including the David Copperfield show that first night. Early in the act, David selected my wife for a trick where he made her engagement ring disappear; pretty damn good and very alarming! For the last magic trick of the night, he proposed to make 12 members of the audience disappear, including me! As I walked upstage, the assistant asked each of us if we were competitors of David Copperfield (which none of us were) and then told us to follow his directions. After a short while of David talking to the audience, we slowly filed out the back of the stage to another room. In this room, David Copperfield greeted us and told us not to reveal how the trick was orchestrated (mirrors and black curtains) and gave each of us an autographed headshot (indebting us to him, and ensuring we kept his secret). The group slowly left the room (it felt like an eternity) and ended up in the lobby where we flashed our flashlights back at the audience. My wife and kids were amazed at the disappearance. I concocted a story for the kids that I didn't know how he did it. I suggested that they may have used a mild sedative because I only remembered being in front of them and them suddenly reappearing in the back of the room. The kids were amazed! The kids weren't the only ones who believe in magic as the next day my wife was on the phone with the umpteenth person telling them that I disappeared and may have been mildly sedated in the process! Finally, when the kids were asleep, I told her the truth ... there is no such thing as magic (a hard thing to learn in your 30's)! This week's Loupe is dedicated to believing!


Do you want to see life through rose-tinted glasses? Who doesn't? This week's Find was one of my first Finds and will magically change your outlook on life! Do you find yourself using Instagram filters on your pictures before you post them? Why not wear that perfect Instagram filter in real life all the time? Meet Tens sunglasses. These shades bring the perfect Instagram filter to the real world. The Founders are three hipster photographers who spent years creating the "perfect, sense-heightening tint," and a way to make your day look ten times better! Trust me, you will walk around and feel like you are a celebrity living in a different and more beautiful world (a la photo shop) from everyone else. You will find yourself smiling more, having a spring to your step, and rocking some serious mojo. The unisex frames are super cool, 100% UV protectant, and scratch-resistant. I already own two stylish pairs because why see the world like everybody else and ... you can never own too many sunglasses. They even have an Indiegogo Project (here) for those interested in replicating the look and feel of a Wes Anderson film!

Indigo & Haze

Indigo & Haze is a lifestyle brand focused on Cannabidiol (CBD) products. The Founder Elana Frankel arrived at CBD by necessity, as a solution to serious health issues. Many studies claim the efficacy of CBD to soothe sore muscles, having both anti-inflammatory and calming properties. I particularly love the Tub Tea, where you can immerse yourself in a soothing bath of hemp flowers, rosehip, and clove oil. Indigo & Haze has created a highly curated online store of CBD products. This is the first place you should visit when looking for info and considering which products to purchase. Experience the magic of CBD!

Get in the Loupe: Interview with Indigo & Haze Founder Elana Frankel

I recently had the opportunity to meet with CBD Evangelist Elana Frankel, Founder of Indigo & Haze and Women in Weed Magazine. Let's hear directly from her how she came into the CBD business and where she is headed (with her business and in Loretta)!

Believe in magic (because why not), and consider Tens, Indigo & Haze, and Elana Frankel Found!

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