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When the college admission scandal broke in the Spring, I couldn't get enough. I felt proximate to the scandal, even though I didn't personally know any of the defendants, because my eldest daughter was in the midst of the college application process. I read all of the articles, participated in lots of discussions, and even downloaded/read the indictment. There are lots of interesting stories, but what fascinated me the most was the absurd lengths parents were prepared to go to for their children. It caused a lot of self-reflection about the things my wife and I do to to try to make our children's lives better. Clearly, in the admissions scandal lines were crossed (felonious acts); however, for everyday parents, there is a whole bunch of grey matter in the middle that we can learn from. I would argue that it is very difficult to determine if the everyday efforts (lengths we go to) indeed make their lives better. This all comes into clear focus as my eldest daughter heads off to college. Have we done too much, too little, or just the right amount ... I guess time will tell! This week's Loupe is dedicated to the four most important questions that your children must know as they head off to college: who, what, where, when, and (I'll add one more), how the hell did this happen?


Mahinarium Dolls

I knew when we dropped her off at school this past weekend, we couldn't stay. I already miss her daily presence in our home tremendously. Of course, I knew this day would come at some point, I just didn't know it would come so soon...now! There is one way to bring her back and keep us there...get our likeness in doll form! Upload your picture and work with the talented folks at Mahinarium to make your likeness a reality. Anytime she is feeling lonely, she will think of us. Anytime she is contemplating doing something bad, she will also think of us! Further, with her likeness in her room, it will let us feel as if she never left. When we consider repurposing her room .... maybe we will hold off...


Wall Pops

College, really life, is about connection. What better way to connect with people than over your room decor. Inevitably during move-in everyone's door is open. In part to say hello to passing neighbors, but also to make way for the embarrassing amount of trash that must leave the room. While the doors are open, neighbors and potential friends will inevitably stick their heads in to see say hello...well actually, to see the decor! I went through the painstaking task of hanging wallpaper (adhesive) on the walls which were made more difficult (impossible) by the angular and very high ceiling. Nonetheless, the finished product, while not perfect, did elicit comments resulting in connection with neighbors. Who wouldn't want to soften the yellowy cream paint that school provided? You can choose from a variety of styles of brick, wood, stone, and much, much more! Let your child's inner creativity run wild, and test your patience with manual labor. To be candid, this was time-consuming and took my mind off the reality that my first is really headed to college!



Where in the world did my daughter go? This feels much more permanent then heading to camp or taking a Summer trip as she is headed to college. I hope she forgets to turn off Life360 and FindMyFriends ... I came across this genius program that is meant to replace the current location systems as we know them with three randomly assigned words. These three words identify a unique 3x3 meters square in the world. It seems that the creators realized that they could map the world by using 3-word combinations using over 40,000 words. Many people and businesses are switching over to these 3-word addresses to avoid confusion created by street namers and address giving municipalities. My home address exists in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elmhurst, North Bergen, and many, many more locations! Try to follow ... 
I hope she is:
studying hard at snooze.toolkit.landed (Woodruff Library)
eating well at overhead.apple.twilight (Kimball House)
catching a game at prop.harmless.lied (Mercedes Benz Stadium)
and not having to go to supper.only.kipper (the Emergency room)!


Lemnos Riki Wooden Alarm Clock

I have no idea how my daughter will wake up on her own and get to classes on time. I have admittedly been waking her up, actually dragging her by her feet out of bed, for the entirety of high school and then some. Nothing, I mean nothing, seems to wake her up from her slumber. I find that while an iPhone has a perfectly good alarm, having it or any other technology next to the bed is a recipe for continuing the binge-watching that preceded trying to go to bed. Therefore I recommend going back to basics and getting an alarm clock without any technology. World-renowned Japanese designer Riki Watanabe designed the Riki alarm clock. It's all about simplicity and the beauty of simplicity. The face is easy to read, no wires (only batteries), and no programming (only spinning dial for the alarm). This clock simply tells the time and has an alarm that goes off. I feel like the pre-set noises on the iPhone have become so commonplace that they don't alarm or startle (or wake from deep slumber) anyone anymore! 

And of course, there is how? For anything that we have not yet taught them, and they can't figure out on their own, they can always text, call, or ideally Facetime! Consider my kid off to college and MahanariumWall PopsWhat3Words, and Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock Found!

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