The Cut

The Cut by Wolfgang Puck
27 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007

What is more synonymous with LA cuisine than Wolfgang Puck? What is more LA than running into Leonardo DiCaprio (wearing his signature baseball cap) with his entourage out for a steak dinner? It just so happens that Cut had both when I dined there! This beautiful restaurant opened last week at the new Four Seasons Hotel on Barclays Street (between Tribeca and Wall Street). This Beverly Hills steak house is an LA institution that has the power Hollywood scene and soon to be the power NY scene. According to the Manager, the kitchen staff are all long time Wolfgang employees, as great service is of high import to Puck. They cook their artisanal steaks over a wood burning oven that required a special permit from the FDNY. The room is stunning (interior décor by cutting-edge French designer Jacques Garcia), the service impeccable, and the food is really amazing, including much more than just steaks. I ordered the bone-in filet, and I can't remember the last time I had a better cut. Try to go there before the rest of New York (and LA) discovers it and the players call their (regular) tables!